Project Outline

Main Activities of HEAA

Trainings will be organized annually in Japan during duration of the Project for researchers from Serbia to strengthen environmental measurement and analysis capacity. Analytical instrument installations (purchased by JICA during this Project) will be supported to strengthen monitoring capacity.

Experts will be dispatched from Japan to Serbia to hold lectures for all stakeholders; to instruct monitoring of environmental contaminants around the Pancevo industrial zone area, and investigate hot-spots and contaminants in wastewater.

Training for administrative officers from Pancevo city will be organized in Japan, and administrative measures on pollution control will be supported. Meetings to discuss measures for environmental contamination problems between researchers and administrative officers will be organized in Serbia and Japan.

Holding of webinars and seminars regarding environmental education to plant managers and local residents will be supported. Environmental education/enlightenment activities of high-school students of Serbia will also be supported. Achievements of this project will be published through a symposium, workshop, and etc.

Main Activities of FCUB

Providing laboratory at the FCUB for installation of analytical instrument purchased by JICA during this Project (Comprehensive GCxGC/MS).

Providing two researchers from University of Belgrade who will be trained in Japan and Serbia to work on purchased GCxGC/MS analytical instrument and participate in the training organized by HEAA in Japan.

Conducting sampling and analysis.

Screening and selection of researchers from University of Belgrade, who will participate in training in Japan.

Helping in screening and selection of governmental officials who will participate in training in Japan.

Organizing and holding webinars and seminars in Serbia regarding environmental education to researchers, plant managers, local residents and other stakeholders.

Increasing visibility of the Project through a workshops, meetings, press conferences, etc.

Development of Project website.

Producing database of environmental researchers from University of Belgrade.

Main activities of Pančevo city

Providing appropriate conditions for sampling and selection of sampling places.

Active participation in lectures, presentations, and in the process of organization of symposiums, workshops, meetings, press conferences, etc.

Selection of environmental officials from Pancevo city who will participate in training in Japan.

Providing adequate space in Pancevo for organizing meeting at the beginning and end of the Project.

Past Activities and Achievements in the Target Country of HEAA

2009 to 2011: JICA trainees from Serbia (Filip Andric, Marijana Curcic, Ivan Andjelkovic, Vesna Milovanovic and Dr. Vladimir Beskoski) were accepted. The JICA training course title was "Risk Management and Residue Analysis of Chemicals for Environmental Safety".

2012: The JICA training course follow-up project was conducted. The project title was "Strengthening the capacity for bilateral cooperation between IChTM (Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Belgrade) and HPIES (Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Environmental Sciences, Kobe) in order to produce joint research about presence and behavior of POPs in river sediments of Serbia". Project coordinator was dr. Vladimir Beskoski (Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade). Prof. Takeshi Nakano (Research professor at Osaka University, research councilor at HPIES, guest researcher at National Institute for Environmental Studies) and Mr. Shusuke Takemine (Researcher, HPIES) had visited Serbia and gave lectures at the University of Belgrade about their research within the frame of that Project.

2013, May: Prof. Takeshi Nakano was invited lecturer at the 6th Symposium of Chemistry and Environmental Protection – EnviroChem 2013 in Vrsac, Serbia. During his stay in Serbia he had meetings regarding future collaboration with representatives from University of Belgrade and local government officials from Pancevo city.

2013, July/August: Dr. Vladimir Beskoski was invited lecturer at the International Session in the 22nd Symposium on Environmental Chemistry, Tokyo, Japan. During his stay in Japan he had meetings regarding future collaboration with heads and representatives of the Hyogo environmental advancement association, HPIES and many other scientific institutions from Japan.