Project Outline

Expected Outcomes and Indicators

Establishment of a framework for environmental measurements and analysis. (2) Investigation of environmental pollution around the industrial zone (chemical fertilizers factory, petrochemical factory and oil refinery) of Pancevo city and other locations targeted by Pancevo city officials which are important for the residents.

Scientific and administrative technical guidance for prevention of environmental pollution.

Support for educational activities to local residents towards pollution control.

Support for educational activities to local high schools towards pollution prevention.

Determination and suggestions of best available techniques for remediation of polluted locations.

Research capacity reinforcement, spreading excellence, disseminating knowledge through meetings.

Better-facilitated communication with local and international stakeholders and opening up of the FCUB and its facilities towards POPs analysis in the country.

Establishment of a network between researchers from Serbia and Japan.

The final goal is to enable that Serbia will conduct POPs monitoring and reduction measures based on environmental investigations after this project singularly, and then provide safe and secure to residents of Serbia. The Republic of Serbia has also signed in Stockholm Convention on POPs. The convention stipulates that the parties should make an effort for conducting investigation research, monitoring, public information, and education on POPs. This project will be help for implementation of the convention in Serbia.