Media appearances

Members of Association of former participants of Japanese Organization for International Cooperation held presentations at the Embassy of Japan (in Serbian),
Embassy of Japan in Serbia, March 2016

Serbian and Japanese scientists are up against oil pollution (in Serbian),
Tanjug, B 92,, RTS, Serbia.World-News,

Pančevo soil is(not) polluted (in Serbian),
Večernje novosti, January 2016

Testing of environmental pollution (in Serbian),
RTV Vojvodina, January 2016

Colleagues from Japan in IMGGE,
Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, January 2016

Cooperation between Environmental Protection Agency and Hyogo Environmental Advancement Association from Japan (in Serbian),
Environmental Protection Agency, January 2016

The great problems with air present in Užice, Valjevo and Loznica (in Serbian),
Politika newspapers, November 2015

Experts from Japan about safe usage of pesticides (in Serbian),
RTV Pancevo, November 2015

Serbian researcher leads campaign to make Danube blue again,
The Japan Times, News
Oct 23, 2014

Interview of Professor Takeshi Nakano by TV Pančevo
(Thursday, November 14, 2014)

Signing ceremony in Pančevo (Thursday, March 6, 2014)

RTV Pančevo (in Serbian)
RTV Pančevo (English - Google translate)

Newspaper articles from Japan

東奥日報 / Too-nippo
新潟日報 / Niigata-nippo
日本海新聞 / Nihonkai-shimbun
山形新聞 / Yamagata-shimbun
山梨日日新聞 / Yamanashinichinichi-shimbun
愛媛新聞 / Ehime-shimbun
河北新報 / Kahoku-shinpo
京都新聞 / Kyoto-shimbun
神戸新聞 / Kobe-shimbun
山陽新聞 / Sanyo-shimbun
信濃毎日新聞 / Shinano-mainichi-shimbun
中国新聞 / Chugoku-shimbun
千葉日報 / Chiba-nippo
デーリー東北 / Daily-Tohoku

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